The 9 Most Common Open Office Problems

The 9 Most Common Open Office Problems

Open offices are traditional working spaces that we are all familiar with, but are they really efficient? Or should we change our perception of the shared workspace? Even though it's hard to answer these questions, we can genuinely talk about some problems with open offices and how BusyPod's custom pods offer a solution. Here are some of the most common open office problems.

1. Open offices are usually noisy

A loud crowd of colleagues chit-chatting, a buzzing electronic gismo, ringing phones and turning pages; sometimes, offices can be horrifyingly noisy. And nothing kills your motivation to work as badly as a noisy and loud office environment. Our solution is minimal and nearly soundproof booths that let you focus on your work without getting distracted by the constant hum and flutter in the office.

2. Lack of privacy might be a critical issue

Privacy is essential in every part of our lives, even in a workspace. And an open office environment might make it tough to have private conversations and work on confidential projects. We aim to solve this issue with our private work pods.

3. What about personal space...?

Most people feel more productive when they are comfortable and have personal space. Unfortunately, one of the integral problems of open offices is the lack of this space. You may consider having working pods to give your employees more area and an opportunity to focus better on the project they are working on. This way, you can achieve a more productive business.

4. Sometimes, interruption is inevitable

Numerous things may disturb you in a workplace, ranging from a noisy environment to chatty co-workers. Although being interrupted may appear to be an inevitable part of working in an office, frequent disruption may diminish your employees' productivity and comfort.

5. Visual distractions are everywhere

Open offices might have various factors of distraction, such as colleagues walking around and working machines, disrupting focus and concentration. Such a disruption might have more consequences than one might think. Yet, solving this issue is as simple as providing your staff with their own pods so they may be free of visual and audible interruptions.

6. The office clutter might be overwhelming

Sometimes, a cluttered office might be enough to reduce productivity. Being surrounded by many people can overwhelm some employees, creating a disorganised and unproductive environment.

7. Collaboration can be difficult

Clustering all your employees in a single open office space might make collaborating difficult. People need an area and an interruption-free environment to organise and exchange their thoughts and ideas. Thankfully, BusyPod's work and meeting pods with proper seating might help you give your employees the proper space to collaborate.

8. Limited access to meeting rooms

Speaking of meeting rooms, another problem with open office environments is the limited access to meeting rooms. Most offices have one or two meeting rooms, which are often busy. Nevertheless, solving this problem is easier than it has ever been! BusyPod offers a wide range of portable conference rooms with different features and capacities. Plus, you can create a more cosy environment for your staff to collaborate with open meeting rooms.

9. Lack of personalisation

As we highlighted earlier, making your employees feel comfortable is the key to achieving success. And achieving this is difficult in an open office environment that lacks personality and character. If you let your employees feel that their surroundings are shaped and arranged just for them, they will feel more motivated and focus on their work better. You can check BusyPod's extensive collection of products to give your office a colourful personality and boost overall productivity.