How to Create Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

How to Create Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

Open offices are the traditional office setting that has been popular for years. Although such offices promote collaboration, communication, and creativity, they also have a considerable disadvantage. An open office environment has a significant lack of privacy, which makes employees feel uncomfortable with confidential matters, making personal phone calls or concentrating on their work. Such issues eventually decrease productivity and job satisfaction. Nevertheless, employers can solve this tiny issue by creating privacy in open-plan offices. Do you wonder how? You can keep reading the article to explore the best ways to establish privacy in your office and allow your employees to work comfortably and confidently.

5 Tips to Create Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

1. Establish Versatile Phone Booths

Making personal or work-related phone calls is not uncommon in offices. However, some employees might feel uncomfortable talking on the phone while surrounded by colleagues. That's why you can establish phone booths to give your employees personal space when making calls.

Although phone booths are small, you can make them multi-purpose areas with proper seating and sound insulation. You can strategically place BusyPod phone booths to offer your employees a space to rest, get away from the office clutter and focus on their work without being disturbed.

2. Let Them Use Headphones

Music nourishes the soul - and inspires your employees to be more productive. And providing noise-cancelling headphones to your employees is the best way to help them tune out distractions and create a more private workspace for themselves. Especially in small offices, headphones can help you minimise noise and achieve a more tranquil atmosphere. Headphone use is particularly helpful for employees who work on tasks requiring concentration or who need to make phone calls.

3. Use Soundproof Booths

Giving your employees the personal space and privacy, they need might significantly improve productivity. You can place nearly soundproof booths in your office to give all your employees the workspace they need.

BusyPod’s work and meeting rooms are the best alternatives to traditional meeting rooms and office cubicles. They help you to create a quiet environment for people to work on their creativity and focus on their work. Besides, personal work booths might also help your workers feel more comfortable, leading them to feel appreciated and inspired. All in all, using soundproof booths will increase your staff's productivity and efficiency.

4. Adopt Flexible Work Policies

Another way to create a more private environment in your open office is by adopting flexible work policies. Such work policies may include remote work, flexible schedules, or a hybrid system that combines both. For example, you can allow your employees to choose their own plans, work from home or let them create a private workspace.

5. Set Guidelines

Randomness and a lack of specific guidelines can make it hard for some employees to feel comfortable. You can try to set guidelines for personal conversations, confidentiality, use of common areas and communication. This way, you can provide a clear framework of what you expect from your employees and encourage them to respect the privacy of others.