Work & Meeting Pods

Work & Meeting Pods

BUSYPOD XLarge meeting rooms are the ideal working environment for your meetings, whether physical or online. It gathers your team of six to eight people around a large table where everyone can fit comfortably, offering optimum space for everyone to move freely. By organizing your meetings with a screen placed on the back wall, you can enable everyone present physically or online to share their ideas.

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Work & Meeting Pods

Have you ever needed a private place to hold critical meetings, somewhere you can run away from the office clutter and focus on perfecting your operations? If your answer is yes, it might be time to have new work and meeting pods in your office! BusyPod's closed meeting pods provide an affordable and functioning space for your team to carry out their projects more efficiently.

Personalized Work and Meeting Pods

We know your brand identity is vital. That's why all our meeting office pods can be personalised in accordance with your needs and requests. This way, you can strengthen your trademark and create the perfect working area for your employees.

Acoustic Work and Meeting Pods and Eco-Friendly Design

The office is where we work our creativity, imagination, and skills to come up with innovative new ideas. Nevertheless, sometimes, offices can be noisy, and co-workers might be disturbing. Thankfully, with their soundproof design, BusyPod's acoustic meeting pods offer a disturbance-free working space.

Furthermore, we produce all our work and meeting pods without harming or polluting nature, thanks to our eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Work & Meeting Pods


1) 20 Led Ceiling Light (1 watt/per)
2) Busy Warning Light
3) Ventilation Fan
4) Coat Hangers
5) Power Module:Power Socket, USB, Wireless Charger, Cat6
6) Ergonomic and Custimazed Table
7) Sound Controled Laminated Glass
8) Natural Wood Laminated Framed Door
9) Matt Black, White or Metalic Handle
10) Acoustic Laminated Glass or Back Panel With Felt
11) Acoustic Felt Side Panels
12) Screen
13) Shiftable Carpeted Floor
14) Fire Sprinkler and Warning System
15) Ramp for Disabled Access






What are the Features of Office Work and Meeting Pods?

Leading sound insulation

With leading sound insulation, our portable meeting pods let you focus on your work without being disturbed. The high-tech material used in the making of our booths increases their acoustic features and creates a perfect place to brainstorm and exchange ideas.

It allows you to escape the office clutter and find a room for solitude.

While offices are supposed to be ideal workplaces, working with an office full of people might be tiring. Especially if you're working in a key position or work that requires you to be creative, the office clutter might block you from being productive. Nevertheless, you can trust our portable meeting pods to solve this problem! A portable meeting pod gives you the privacy you require and allows you to philosophise about any important issue without being interrupted.



Work & Meeting Pods

Designed to support enjoyable conversations and meetings.

Small meeting pods from BusyPod are specifically designed to support entertaining chats and meetings with your team. You can use our work and meeting pods to work on even the most sensitive projects without fear of revealing any details. Plus, the comfortable seating and additional functions will help your team spend long hours without getting tired.

Configure Your Way: Colour, Material, and More

With our customisation tool, you can easily configure all the details of your work and meeting booths, from colour to material. The simple modification option allows you to design the ideal meeting space for your team.

We create a personal space for everyone in the open office and expand the possibilities of your workspace.

With our affordable work and meeting pods, you can provide the personal space your employees require while also increasing the efficiency of your organisation. Check out our vast product catalogue, from open meeting rooms to office phone booths, to buy work booth that’ll meet all of your team's needs.

Work & Meeting Pods FAQ's

Unfortunately, you cannot carry most of our meeting room pods around. While we have smaller models, most meeting pods are too large to carry around in the office. Nevertheless, you can easily disassemble the product whenever you need to change its position.

Yes, BusyPod's office meeting pods feature a high-functioning ventilation fan that allows you to hold your meetings in a room with fresh air.

The installation process of our meeting pods for offices is quite simple and fast. Once we deliver the products, our team will set up the work and meeting pods for you. There is no need for a regular maintenance.

Work and meeting pods have plenty of advantages. By providing privacy and solitude, they might offer your employees the ideal working space, increasing your business's efficiency. Since work pods limit background noise, your employees can work without distractions and easily focus on their work. They also encourage your team to share their ideas and thoughts, improving their collaboration skills.

Yes, there is. BusyPod's private work booth products offer a high-quality air circulation system that replaces the air inside the pod several times a minute. Thus, the temperature inside the pod will be equalised to the temperature in the office.

Yes, there is. Our office work booth products come with an integral fire suppression system.

BusyPod's portable meeting pods clean the air 120 times per hour to ensure fresh air inside the booth. This way, our products can offer you a clean and breathable working environment.

We design our work and meeting pods to provide our customers with the most durable products. The steel load-bearing system of our meeting office pods provides you with easy assembly. Furthermore, the steel layer of BusyPod's soundproof meeting pods provides a noise-free work experience. Finally, the interior of our pods is covered with acoustic felt.

We deliver the products after a quick and easy process; we deliver the products to your door after we consult you to determine the most suitable transportation time and method.

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