5 Tips for Buying the Right Office Pod

5 Tips for Buying the Right Office Pod

You probably know how crucial it is to have a flexible and comfortable workspace, where people can focus and have an office that gives them different places and methods to work. When people can pick specific areas for their tasks, productivity reaches its peak.

Office pods are a perfect fit for this modern office approach. They're flexible and can adapt to various work styles, making them an excellent investment for any forward-thinking business. 

However, there are some factors to consider when choosing the right office pods. So, we've laid out 5 criteria to help you choose the right office pods:

Selecting the right size and layout

Choosing the right size and layout for your office pod is really important. You want it to fit well in your office space and be comfy for the number of people using it. Think about how you're going to use the pod, is it for one person's work, small group meetings, or a mix of both? If it’s for one person you could choose BUSYPOD Plus, or you could choose BUSYPOD Large 4 for conferences and meetings. Depending on your needs, you might go for an even bigger pod if more people will use it, or a smaller one for a cozy setting.

Private and quiet workspace

Having a quiet and private space to work in is a big advantage of soundproof office pods. However, not all of these pods are the same when it comes to keeping sound out. It's a good idea to choose private pods that have really good acoustic insulation and materials that absorb sound. This makes a big difference because it helps to block out noise, making it easier to focus on work and be more productive. If you’d like more information on this matter, you can read our post on how should you choose a sound insulated work pod.

Good lighting

Good lighting does more than just brighten up a space, it also plays a big role in how well we work and feel. Having the right lighting in your office pod is essential for performance, focus, and overall well-being. When there's enough well-distributed light, it helps to lessen eye strain, keeping discomfort and fatigue at bay, especially during long work sessions. 

Natural light, like sunlight through windows, has even been connected to better moods and increased alertness. It's not just about seeing things clearly; proper lighting directly affects our ability to concentrate, stay focused, and adds positively to our overall sense of well-being. 

Design and flexibility

When choosing an office pod, it's important to think about how it looks and whether it fits with your style and brand. Look for private pods that you can customize to match your preferences. Check for options like choosing the size, colour schemes, availability of tables, and the materials and finishes used. This way, your office pod can blend seamlessly with your existing design, making it not just a functional space but also an extension of your brand image.