About The


Our company where experience and knowledge meet is aware of global trends and thoroughly research the actual needs that how we create an idea of BUSYPOD with our highly experienced and expert team. With the aim to realize our idea, we started to work out for creating the best products. After this long process, we decided to establish our brand. We spend most of our time in the workplace and we are aware of the need to have peaceful and comfortable working environments in order to produce our most efficient works and ideas. Technical details are designed to provide the most comfortable and best working environment.

In order to provide you with this peaceful environment, our designs have sound insulation which is serious environmental pollution that affects human health very negatively at the top of the list. Products that are made by us have a compact, optional, easy set-up, spacious, light and elegant design. We aim to create personal and sound-insulated areas for your meetings, video conferences with your colleagues or your guests in open offices. We have solved these problems, which are difficult to solve the existing products on the market, with our expert friends who have been working in the field for more than 15 years and with our designer friends who have brought comfort and quality. After all, we are here as a completely new and dynamic brand as a result of knowledge, experience and working with determination.


Our company performs lots of branches such as isolated vents, sound absorbers, volume acoustics, woodworks, manufacture and paint metal constructions, manufacture upholstered furniture components, and carry out other operations. We are able to produce a variety of products ranging from phone booths, tables, seatings to insulation and acoustic solutions.

We make sure that all the solutions we offer are well-thought-out and tested, and that the quality of the products we produce is constantly monitored. Our goal is to make our customers happy who get the best quality products. We are a company that produces practical, applicable, reliable, high-quality solutions and products.


Our architecture and sound insulation based highly experienced company designs different kinds of furniture such as BUSYPOD's, tables, seatings, insulated doors and walls. You can be sure that our products are safe, lasting, and ergonomic. The products are designed by our experienced architects, engineers and supervisor's group. Our team ensures that all kinds of safety and ergonomic requirements are provided. Also, they make sure about the results of the product and material testing.


Your designs can be configured in a range of ways depending on your requirements. We provide you design and produce non-standard products. We have sufficient equipment to manufacture from small scale to large scale projects. We give a great deal of attention to the quality and functionality of the designed products that are created by our experienced insulation, architecture, and engineering-based team. We are pleased to have on our team professionals with over 15 years of experience in insulation, architecture, production, and design.


Offer various solutions for your standard or non-standard products. You can be sure that we will find the most practical and most convenient solutions for your request. We also provide full support in logistical arrangements. We are prepared to answer any question and you can ask about anything you wish to know. Please do not hesitate and contact us.