BUSYPOD Office Phone Booth

BUSYPOD Office Phone Booth
BUSYPOD Office Phone Booth

The most efficient way of working is the suitable working area with its perfect dimensions. Although open offices are seen as a suitable working environment, it becomes difficult to focus on your work due to environmental factors and the sounds around you. Office Phone Booth is made for exactly these problems. It's soundproof and Office Phone Booth helps you take care of your business the way you want. Of course you deserve freedom, privacy and comfort. BUSYPOD offers all this in a compact place with many color and material options for its design.

Office Phone Booth

Office Phone Booths are practical and ergonomic solutions used to increase work efficiency and provide privacy to employees in modern working environments. These booths provide a comfortable communication environment by offering sound insulation and a private work area within the office.

Office Phone Booths are ideal for meetings, phone calls or focused work. Thanks to their compact structure, they can be easily placed in the office even in limited spaces. In addition, some models have additional features such as ventilation systems and lighting options.

One of the important advantages of Office Phone Booths is that they provide a quiet environment where employees can communicate comfortably. This makes it easier for workers to focus and increases productivity in busy and noisy office environments. It also ensures the security of private phone calls or sensitive conversations by providing privacy.

Office Phone Booths are available in various sizes and designs, allowing them to adapt to different office needs and spaces. You can choose the most suitable one for you, taking into account the needs and preferences of your work area.

As a result, Office Phone Booths are an essential piece of equipment in modern business environments that increase employee productivity and protect their privacy. By choosing the appropriate design, you can make your work environment more effective and increase the satisfaction of your employees.

Office Phone Booth

Office environments are meant to be productive working spaces, yet sometimes an open office environment can be unexpectedly distracting. And when we need to have a phone call or just focus on a particular subject, we might need an area nobody can disturb us. Thankfully, BUSYPOD’s soundproof office phone booths offer an easy solution for creating a quiet space in your office.

Personalized Workspaces and Office Phone Booths

Personalized workspaces are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere within your office. It is no secret that people can work more efficiently when they're comfortable environment. And phone booths in office are ideal productivity boosters as they upgrade your workspace to give people personal space anytime they need.

Acoustic Office Phone Booths and Eco-Friendly Design

BUSYPOD's soundproof office phone booths are made of acoustic material; this way, you can have a phone call or focus on your work without any disturbance. Plus, we produce our phone booths in an eco-friendly manner without harming nature.

BUSYPOD Office Phone Booth


1) 3 Led Ceiling Light (1 watt/per)
2) Busy Warning Light
3) Ventilation Fan
4) Coat Hanger
5) Power Module:Power Socket, USB, Wireless Charger, Cat6
6) Ergonomic and Customized Table
7) Sound Controlled Laminated Glass
8) Natural Wood Laminated Framed Door
9) Matt Black or White Handle
10) Acoustic Laminated Glass or Back Panel With Felt
11) Acoustic Felt Side Panels
12) Floor Mounted Height Adjustable Stool
13) Shiftable Acoustical Carpet
14) Hidden Casters For Relocate
15) Fire Sprinkler and Warning System
16) Ramp for Disabled Access









What are the Features of Office Phone Booths?

Leading sound insulation

Our room Office Phone Booths stand out with their high-quality sound insulation. Thanks to the acoustic felt in their interior walls and ceiling, the booth doesn't let any noise in or out.

Durable materials and special equipment

BUSYPOD portable office phone booths are made of durable materials and equipped with high-quality features, such as a well-functioning ventilation and gaseous fire suppression system. Thanks to its superior design, you can use your phone booth for years without maintenance.

Improves work efficiency and focus

In an office, efficiency is more than a fancy computer or well-organized seating; you need to ensure that people are comfortable and relaxed. And our Office Phone Booths serve exactly this purpose; they increase office productivity and focus by establishing a calm environment where people may have personal privacy.

It allows you to escape the office clutter and find a room for solitude.

Even though offices are supposed to allow you to be productive, it's not hard to get distracted by a cluttered office. Thankfully, our portable phone booths for office create a haven where those who are easily frustrated or disturbed can find solitude.

Designed to support enjoyable conversations and meetings

You can use our phone booths for office to have enjoyable conversations and undisturbed meetings, whether with a customer, your employer, co-workers, or a loved one.

Advantages of Office Phone Booths


Office Phone Booths offer a secluded area within the office where employees can make phone calls away from the presence of other coworkers.

Noise Reduction: 

Phone Booths minimize external noise, providing a better communication experience.


Phone Booths help employees concentrate on important conversations without distractions or causing discomfort to others.


Portable designs allow for easy reconfiguration of office layouts or relocation of Phone Booths to different areas.


Office Phone Booths come in modern and stylish designs, adding aesthetic appeal to your office space.


BUSYPOD Office Phone Booth

Designed to support enjoyable conversations and meetings

You can use our Phone Booths for office to have enjoyable conversations and undisturbed meetings, whether with a customer, your employer, co-workers, or a loved one.

Configure Your Way: Color, Material, and More

We want to provide the best Office Phone Booths; to do so, we allow our customers to design our products to their needs. You may easily customize your phone booth's dimensions, color, material, and other features using the configuration tool we created.

We create a personal space for everyone in the open office and expand the possibilities of your workspace.

Offices aren't usually quite personalized spaces. And when most people think of an office, they usually imagine a crowded and boring place. Nevertheless, it doesn't have to be like that. At BUSYPOD, we aim to change this by making creative tools. Our open meeting room options, work and meeting pods, and other products boost efficiency in your office.

With portable Phone Booths in office, you can give everyone their own space while enhancing productivity and expanding the possibilities of your workspace.

BUSYPOD Office Phone Booth FAQ's

Most of BUSYPOD’s portable office phone booths are portable products. Thanks to the hidden casters within its frame, you can effortlessly relocate the booths anywhere in the office.

All our office phone booths are equipped with a high-quality ventilation system, providing ultimate comfort and focus.

BUSYPOD Office Phone Booths can be installed by two to four people, depending on the booth's size, without any extra equipment. The product doesn't require regular maintenance.

Office Phone Booths allow you a quick getaway amidst a busy workday. You can use the cabin to have a phone call, focus on an important matter, or rest without being disturbed.

The booth's air circulation system replaces the air inside the cabin two to three times per minute - the frequency depends on the model. This way, the temperature inside is equalized to the temperature in the office.

BUSYPOD Office Phone Booths have an integral gaseous fire extinguishing system. Plus, you can install a fire sprinkler in the phone booth or integrate it into the fire suppression system of the building.

The ventilation system of our modern office phone booths cleans the air 120 times per hour, ensuring you have fresh air inside.

Thanks to its steel load-bearing system, you can easily dismantle or assemble the product. Plus, the steel layer has voice-insulation layers on both sides. The interior walls and ceiling of the office phone booths are made of anti-bacterial acoustic felt.

All parts of BUSYPOD's Office Phone Booths are designed to fit through office doors, elevators, and stairs. This way, you can easily carry the product anywhere you want.

BUSYPOD helps its customers with all the processes. We consult our customers to determine the most suitable transportation method and deliver the product to their door.

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