Nearly Soundproof Booths Block Up to 40 Decibels

Nearly Soundproof Booths Block Up to 40 Decibels

Working in an open-plan office environment may come with some downsides. Open offices are filled with distracting factors, from a lack of privacy to constant interruption. With the buzz of conversations, ringing phones, whirring printers and fluttering pages, it can be difficult for employees to focus on their projects. Thankfully, BusyPod has a solution: nearly soundproof work and meeting booths that block up to 40 decibels. These small spaces provide employees with a private and quiet work area where they can work without disturbance.

Advantages of Soundproof Booths

Soundproof work booths help create a more productive business by giving employees the personal space they need. There are many reasons to use soundproof booths; here are some of them:

They Minimise Distractions

Noisy and loud co-workers might be some of the most common problems in a workplace. Especially in open offices, noise is usually a significant distraction that should be addressed. Soundproof work booths are the simplest solution to eliminate external noise and allow employees to focus on their work.

Privacy and Confidentiality

You can use nearly soundproof work booths to provide your employees with a private area to focus on their work better or have confidential phone calls. With proper seating and quality equipment, a work booth can be as comfortable as working remotely.

Reduce Noise Pollution

As mentioned before, noise pollution can harm employees' productivity. From anxiety to stress, a variety of health issues may arise from noise pollution, creating an unhealthy and unproductive workspace for all. Nevertheless, BusyPod's soundproof work booths may help reduce noise pollution in your office and create a more pleasant and comfortable work environment for all your employees.


Soundproof work booths offer a versatile use suitable for a wide range of activities. They can be used as meeting rooms, private workspaces, or rest areas. This way, you can give your employees a space to unwind during the workday. Such an approach will definitely have a positive effect on your business as it will increase the productivity of your employees.

What Does BusyPod Offer?

BusyPod provides an extensive collection of products, from phone booths to open meeting rooms. The wealth of products allows you to create the personalised workspace all your employees need. The products we offer help you stop noise pollution in your office and inspire your employees to be more productive, increasing the success of your overall business.

Full Customisation

If you have a design idea, we are ready to make it real! You may quickly customise all of your booth's features, from sizes to colours, using BusyPod's customisation tool.


All of our booths are produced with eco-friendly materials and methods. Every step of our production process follows a strict sustainability principle.

Sound Insulation Up to 40 Decibels

Our nearly soundproof booths allow your employees to work in a quiet environment without any noise disturbance. We cover the interior of our booths with acoustic felt and use sound-controlled laminated glass in the door. By blocking up to 40 decibels, our booths boost your employees' productivity and creativity.