7 Tips for Dealing with Distracting, Annoying Co-workers

7 Tips for Dealing with Distracting, Annoying Co-workers

If you’re working in an open office environment, you know that there are some common problems that we all have to endure. And the biggest issue with a crowded office is those distracting co-workers who are loud and annoying. Nevertheless, as BusyPod, we want everyone to be happy and productive; that’s why we listed the best tips to deal with your annoying co-workers in this article.

1. Set Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is the first step to dealing with distracting co-workers. You should always be clear about your expectations in your workplace and let your co-workers know this. Most of your colleagues will give you the space you need after you make it clear that you need to focus on your work or project. If they don’t, well, you can keep reading the list.

2. Communicate Clearly

As mentioned earlier, good communication is the key to solving any misunderstanding. If your co-workers are distracting you, this might be because they are unaware of what they are doing. And the easiest way to stop them is clearly expressing that you need space to focus on your work. Be specific about what you need and expect. In the end, you can solve anything with clear and respectful communication.

3. Ignore Them

Yes, this might sound a bit childish; but sometimes, the best way to deal with your annoying co-workers is to ignore them. There are many ways to do this; you can wear headphones and listen to relaxing music or find a quiet place to work.

4. Focus on Your Work

When people around us are noisy and loud, they unknowingly suck us into their drama. If nothing can help you stop your co-workers, just try to focus on your work instead. This way, you can stay productive and maybe even finish your work earlier.

5. Find Common Ground

Distracting co-workers might be irritating, yet being aggressive or having a negative attitude might hurt the overall mood in the workspace and your relationship with your colleagues. Instead, you can try to find common ground with your co-workers. For example, you can collaborate on a project or find something you all enjoy doing; this way, you can enhance your relationship with your co-workers while focusing on your work.

6. Seek Help

If your co-workers are too distracting to ignore and arrogant to find common ground, it might be helpful to seek help. Since some companies have policies or procedures to solve situations that reduce productivity in the workplace, you can discuss the issue with your manager or HR.

7. Work Pods Might Be the Solution

BusyPod’s work booths are a dream come true. Minimal and personalised work pods allow people to work without being distracted by the office clutter and focus on their work without interruption. BusyPod’s extensive collection of work booths, from open meeting rooms to large work and meeting pods, create a comfortable workplace for your colleagues. We provide a convenient workspace to improve productivity and comfort with comfortable seating.